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Blockchain & Token Offerings

Blockchain and cryptocurrency have shown significant potential to fully transform how the conservative financial system works.

In many cases, there are no easily recognizable regulations governing new technologies or innovative business models. Existing regulations may need to change evolve to a new innovative business model.

As attorneys, we work within existing legal structures and apply them to the client’s particular business model.

Our attorneys further seek to understand how the technology works and follow closely what is happening in this domain in different sectors, but primarily in the financial sector. For example, initial coin offerings, the original application of the technology, were in certain circumstances not compliant with applicable regulation, and accordingly industry practitioners sought to develop compliant structures for token offerings.

An alternative to initial coin offerings is referred to as security tokens, which are tokens that are in compliance with and subject to applicable regulation. 

As experienced Wall-Street trained attorneys, who have successfully registered and closed numerous securities offerings with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission, we believe we have the ability to offer significant advice in connection with security token offerings.

The firm also provides advice in connection with commodity tokens.  Commodity tokens include familiar names such as Bitcoin.  With an expertise in derivatives documentation including derivatives facilities for trading of commodities, we believe we have the ability to offer significant advice in connection with commodity token offerings.