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Blockchain & Token Offerings

Blockchain and cryptocurrency have shown significant potential to fully transform how the legacy financial system works.

New technologies or innovative business models invite questions regarding application of a wide range of regulation, including securities, commodities, banking and anti-money laundering and how to structure the entities and contracts in which these technologies and models operate. As attorneys, we creatively apply existing regulations and legal structures to the client’s particular business model.

Our attorneys further seek to understand how the technology works and follow closely what is happening in this domain in different sectors, but primarily in the financial sector. For example, the use of different blockchain technologies with respect to various types of transactions and how technology allows for new models such as digital securities as well as decentralized finance, also known as DeFi.

As experienced Wall-Street trained attorneys, who have successfully registered and closed numerous securities offerings with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission, we believe we have the ability to offer significant advice in connection with offerings of digital securities. The firm also provides advice in connection with commodity tokens. Commodity tokens include familiar names such as Bitcoin. With an expertise in derivatives documentation including derivatives facilities for trading of commodities, we believe we have the ability to offer significant advice in connection with commodity token offerings.