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Credit & Derivative Facilities

Credit Facilities

Our lawyers are experienced in negotiating and executing credit facilities with major bulge bracket banks and regional banks on behalf of companies and family offices. Our expertise includes trading facilities, through revolving credit lines, for family office clients with major bulge bracket banks.

Additionally, we have experience negotiating and executing reserve based loans (RBLs) for oil and gas industry clients with major banks.

Derivative Facilities

A passion at our firm is derivative facilities. We have significant experience negotiating derivative facilities with top tier bulge bracket U.S. banks, particularly in the context of private clients.

Our experience includes negotiation and closing of:
International Swaps and Derivatives Association, Inc. (“ISDA”) Master Agreements and Schedules, 
ISDA Credit Support Annexes, including specifically for equities, commodities and separately for FX, 
Dodd-Frank compliance supplements, and 
control and security agreements relating to ISDA documentation. 
We also negotiate collateral agreements, and credit facilities in support of ISDA trading facilities. And our experience also includes bespoke derivatives documentation.

We further have experience negotiating derivatives facilities with major industry counterparties in the commodities sector, such as Cargill Incorporated.